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Dachshunds love to hunt and dig, therefore they are natural competitors when it comes to Earthdog Tests.  During an Earthdog Test, your dachshund is released and must enter a specially constructed underground tunnel .  They must follow it through to the end where a pair of rats are caged behind wooden bars.  The dog must bark, scratch at and work the quarry for a specific amount of time in order to earn a passing score. 

Beginners can start out with the Intro to Quarry Test, while more advanced dogs can compete for titles in Junior Earthdog (JE), Senior Earthdog (SE), and Master Earthdog (ME) Tests.

For more information on Earthdog Events, please visit the AKC website at http://www.akc.org/events/earthdog.

Earthdog Test Weekend

July 27 & July 28, 2013

Michael Pitisci's Property

Brimfield, MA 



EarthDog Tests
Saturday, July 26, 2014
1430 Dunhamptown-Brimfield Rd
Brimfield, MA 
For more information please contact Michael Pitisci at mpitisci@hotmail.com










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